Is your Local Newspaper Classifieds Dead?

As an antique picker, I used to live by what was in the newspaper yard sale, garage sale, estate sale, ads. Everything has changed. The local paper is old news when it comes to estate sales. Most of my information is found online. Craigslist and other sites have all the ads. Even if there happens to be a dealer or a family who place an ad in the paper, you’ll find it online first. It’s too bad. Actually, it’s too bad the paper does not list yard sales, garage sales, and estate sales for free. The only reason they are online, and not in the paper, is people are cheap, and so they seek “free”. Free internet ads have replaced the printed classifieds. If they had free classifieds for these categories, I’d subscribe. I’m sure many others would too. While they are at it, come up with some better categories instead of mixing all the estate sales with the yard sales.

We have a local radio and TV station that has had free ads for as long as the internet has been around. People here really use the service. It’s almost like a local ebay for free. Check in your area and see if something similar is happening.

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