New Idea for Pickers and Dealers! Tailgaiting at Estate Sales!

I saw something interesting when at an estate sale yesterday. At an advertised Estate Sale I visited, there was a person who was parked out in front of the yard selling items! He had his back door opened, and on the back seat was about eight or more handguns, all priced, ready to sell to people coming to the Estate Sale! (I wonder about what he was selling, of course), but I thought it was a brilliant idea to follow someone else’s ad, which will bring many individuals, and tailgate, selling your own stuff! I’d really like to see this expand, and have it be a regular occurrence at sales. People selling collectibles, and antiques, or whatever. Mini flea markets while you are out hunting. Anyone else see something like this?

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2 Responses to New Idea for Pickers and Dealers! Tailgaiting at Estate Sales!

  1. Biff says:

    you’re kidding right? Selling handguns from the backseat. I can’t think of a better way to find a new career WORKING IN JAIL! First off you CAN NEVER EVER sell firearms in any state out of the back of your car. Secondly even if you are selling other merchandise you risk getting a ticket at the very least if you don’t have a “peddler’s license” in many jurisdictions- you casn be sure whoever is running the sale is not gonna be happy and probably will call the local police if they find out about you. There is also a question of loitering… I could go on and on but bottom line -DUMB IDEA!!!!!

    • admin says:

      I did not say I approve of selling the guns this way, but if you do a search, it is entirely legal in most states to sell guns at yard sales, and the like. The car, well, maybe. I think the “tailgating” idea, could be interesting in selling antiques, and collectibles, etc, piggybacking onto a larger, say, neighborhood yard sale event, hey, why not!

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