Best time to end an auction on Ebay for Antique Pickers

I’d like to take a survey from all the antique pickers out there. When do you think the best time to end an auction on ebay? Both time of day, and day of week. We will post the survey results, and keep adding to it as we get results. So far we have from people I have polled:

Sun 6-10 PM PST 30%
Mon 6-10 PM PST 22%
Tue 6-10 PM PST 18%
Wed 6-10 PM PST 7%
Thu 6-10 PM PST 18%
Fri 6-10 PM PST 0%
Sat 6-10 PM PST 5%

Please let us know what you think! (think of your experience in selling and buying items). Also do you use a sniping service?

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