“Quotes” Legends, Laws, and Definitions for Antique Pickers

I will be updating this list occasionally. It is a list of un-famous quotes, made by un-named people I either hear myself, or overheard waiting in line, etc.
I will not list who said it, because of privacy, and because I will edit or paraphrase, etc.

> Definition: Deliberate Collector: One who seeks for certain types of products to fill holes in their collection. Their collection is important to them, and more valuable if complete. They pay higher prices for an items they have been looking for!

> Definition: Haphazard Collector: Collects all sorts of things that “catch their eye”. Takes it as it comes. Collection is varied, has more breadth. Has many unique surprises.

>Quote: “You need to be very shrewd with your competition. But… fair with your customer and seller”

> Law: Until now, an un-written rule. Family history items, records, photos, albums, etc, should always be pointed out to the family. These could be very precious memories and treasures to certain family members. If the seller is okay with you buying it, then you may.

> Quote: “When you have a certain “aire” of desperation, and people feel and see it (you need cash fast, or you want something really bad, etc). This brings out the worst greed in people. They become vultures!

> Definition: Serendipity Picking: Finding treasures when you weren’t looking for them. (give thanks…)

> Definition: Caveat Emptor: is Latin for “Let the buyer beware”. This is the First lesson for pickers.

>Definition: “Running the Traps” It used to be that fur trappers would check all of their traps often, to see what was caught, and to re-set the traps. Today, we call it “networking” Ask everybody, check everywhere. Get leads and follow them up. Word of mouth private sales are the best!

> Quote: “Everything old and used, and obsolete becomes worthless, until it’s value is discovered”.

Definition: Wheeler Dealer: Usually a hustler. Cheap, irritating picker or trader or dealer. They weasel information out of you, complain a lot, and cheat. Don’t sell to them, don’t ever swap with them, don’t buy from them. Never have the owe you money.

>Definition: Primitive Funk: Things like old beer signs, metal, and neon. Old Gas Station stuff. Phone booth stuff, etc.

>Definition: Scoop: To scoop someone, is to get the item or information first. It’s fair, just discouraging to your competition. It’s the early bird and worm law.

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