Picker’s Secret: (Other ways to find GOLD!)

Because I am a picker, I not only look for antique stuff, I look for VALUABLE stuff. I am very interested in the technical side of junk. I love old radios, and electronics, and industrial surplus, and I make a lot of money buying and selling all kinds of stuff.

One thing I have been doing, is collecting e-waste. Electronic waste, has the potential of being a gold mine for you. There is quite a bit of gold plating, especially on the old stuff (after tubes, and just as transistors and early computers came on). I have even written an ebook on the subject. Please see the listing HERE. If you have any questions or suggestions on the subject of reclaiming gold and silver, and platinum, and palladium, please let me know. I just had about 800 lbs of the stuff refined, and got a real nice settlement!


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