Things Are Getting Weird!

I went to an estate sale in town today, thinking I would be arriving early. HA! I was number 63 in line, and people were lining up way behind me. This was for a tiny little old house. There were so many people crowded in there it was scary. It was good I have a cold and cannot smell today, we were all too close. I think with all the shows on TV and blogs like this telling people about all the wonders of picking, we are creating a monster! It is February, and very few sales are being advertised, so maybe everyone just wanted to get out for a Saturday sale, and this was all there was. I noticed the regular pickers, the dealers, who hit all the sales. I noticed a large bunch of amateurs.

I found a set or series of books that I wanted, and I believe that just “because I was interested” some other guy thought they must be good too, so he started stripping off the same shelf, the same series. He probably did not even know what they were, but new I was very interested in them.

I have two small dogs. They eat ravenously when they are together. If one seems to like it, the other will eat and fight competitively too, just because of the other’s interest. This guy kinda ticked me off. I could tell he was an amateur. Oh well, I still did pretty well considering the crowd. But, I really wanted to get out of there fast. I was getting claustrophobic! If the fire department came by, they would kick everyone out, and site the sale company for a violation, I’m sure.

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