Too Cold For Estate Sale Pickers?

There is snow on the ground here. There was only one estate sale of any interest in the ads. I noticed there were fewer people in line. Must be the cold. It was cold, but I actually had fun! See the photo of some of my picks today. Some antique glass Murano, Italy paperweights. Some very old mousetraps. A tiny cigar box full of old keys. A very early local advertising wooden ruler. There were some vintage can openers, and cork screws. Even a couple of vintage electrical push button light switches, with the early mother of pearl “on switch”. They don’t make them like they used to. You’ll see an

antique GE toy transformer, and a couple of miniature copper soldering tools. An old Yale brass padlock. Speaking of brass, look at the very old brass blade / brass cage fan. It is extremely heavy. The thing actually works (although very noisy). I thought it was pretty good pickings! (we’ll see how much value it’s worth after I see what I can do on ebay!)

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