Items that are HOT for Antique Pickers!

First of all, I’d like to hear from anyone who might be interested: “What is a HOT item to find?” My collectibles picking list will be different than yours. My list is different than my wife’s list! I go for guy stuff (actually probably nerd or geek guy stuff). I like to pick for vintage technical items:

Old radios: regular, shortwave, “ham radios,” even transistor and crystal radios, etc.
Old LED pocket calculators, and LED watches.
Electron tubes of any kind.
Tube audio and stereo equipment.
Mini tape recorders.
Weird or “futuristic” TV’s and Tape players.
Old cameras (Leica, Nikon, etc).
Old technical engineering books.
Slide rules.
Scientific and test equipment.
Vintage electronic parts.
Telegraph and wireless items.
Vintage “pate de verre” glass objects.
Early advertising items for any of the above.
Early computers.
Space and robot toys.

These are items I am excited about. This is why I am a picker. Any early, heavy, “that’s so cool” items. I do buy items like above and would welcome inquiries through the comments entry, if you have things to sell. I may be a little hesitant, based on shipping expense, but hey, contact me, I could also advertise it here if I don’t want to buy it.

I like this stuff, because I was in the electronic component distribution business for many years. This created a nostalgia in me for items in my field. I started slow as a picker, thinking I was just lucky in finding good stuff. Then the more I researched, and read about stuff in magazines, I really went crazy! If you have been in the medical field, you may collect old doctor’s bags and tools. If you are into automotive collectibles, it’s probably because you repair cars, etc. Tell us of your “hot items!” and WHY you collect them. Send photos too.

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