Taking Children Picking

Today my wife and I took our three grandchildren with us to an estate sale. It was interesting. There were a few times where it was like trying to herd a bunch of kittens. I’m sure it bothered many of the other pickers there. Actually, my grandson did something interesting. He likes to do magic card tricks. He found a small leather wallet with some cards and dice, etc. He saw it earlier downstairs, and when he kept thinking about it, and said he wanted it, I told him to go back down and get it. He got it, we paid for our stuff, and when we get home, I said, “Let’s take a look at what you bought”. I opened the package, and found the cards were still sealed, with tissue, and had an Internal Revenue Service “Playing Cards” postage like stamp sealing the package. Beneath the tissue paper, you could easily read “Buy United States Savings Bonds” He did better today than I did!

My granddaughter found a gold Cross pen and pencil set, with gold University of Utah logos on them. The logos were manufactured by O.C. Tanner Company. They make gold jewelry and items like this. SHE did better than me today too!.

I am either creating a monster or another generation of quality antique pickers. I am also creating my own competition! What do you think about taking small children out collecting?

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