I’d Like to Follow You Around …

I was having a conversation with my wife’s aunt one day about searching for antiques and collectibles to collect and sell online. I suppose I was too exuberant and a little boastful about some of my better deals. I had had a successful run on ebay for a few months. I was actually pretty surprised at what I had been able to sell, and how much money it was bringing in! As we talked, she made the comment, “Oh, I wish I could follow you around someday and see how you do it!”

This got me thinking. It would probably be impossible for her or anyone else to figure out what I was doing just by following me around and watching me. I see stuff that I immediatly know about, because:
1. I have or have had one. I’ve sold one before. Or, I’ve needed one.
2. I have seen it online or in one of the many magazines or catalogs I receive. Research.
3. Personal collections I’ve seen.
4. Museums I have visited.
5. Trade shows I have attended.
6. My work or professional background and experience.
7. My hobbies, interests, and tastes.
8. Books I have read.
9. My superior intelligence…
10. All the deals, and people I know, etc. Years and years…

Let this be a lesson for new or learning pickers. Knowledge is power. Read, research, be interested in various topics, becoming an expert.

If you worry and wonder if other pickers are going to follow you around getting your secrets and find all the stuff you hope to get, think again. Think of all the times you go somewhere and DON’T see that guy. You have different venues, a different time-table, etc. Even if they were right behind you, chances are pretty good they would not have a clue of the things that you find interesting or valuable.
I believe this world if full, and there is enough stuff for everyone. Then, in this business, they die, and someone sells it again. You won’t have enough money to buy everything good you see. Your truck is not big enough. Your basement, garage, storage unit, and warehouse is never going to be big enough.

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