Follow Up Occasionally on Old Leads

Do you ever “just have a feeling” you should call one of you old leads? By old leads I mean you got a name and a phone number of someone who “has a bunch of” or a collector or a dealer, or anyone who may be a good contact for items you deal in or collect.

I was in a different city on business, about two hours from home. At the end of the day I was tired and was about to drive back. I remembered a note in my “hot leads” file of a collector in a city half way between where I was working, and home. I called the number, and a woman answered. She asked who I was, and how I knew the man, so I explained. She shocked me when she said he had died. She said, “He died last week, we had his funeral Monday, and we are cleaning out the house right now, so you had better come now!” I went by, still in shock, and ended up filling my car to the top with items I collect and sell. There was no competition, and the prices were very low, and I was a big help to her.

EXPERIMENT: Everyone who is reading this right now, go look through your file and follow up on one or two old leads. Please post back here any interesting experiences.

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