Antique Secrets: Picking, Scouting, Scrounging, & Rescuing Valuables and Collectibles from the Trash

I have been a picker for most of my life. I discovered dumpster diving way before it was a fad, or to some, a lifestyle. I have had my own personal “college education”, and several advanced engineering “degrees” from the piles of stuff I have taken apart, figured out, reversed engineered, and even sometimes fixed. I love technology, electronics, science, art, and natural sciences. My hobbies have included, reading, optics and holography, mineralogy, antique radios, and many other types of antiques, both technical, and beautiful, and now, glass, (hot, warm, and cold). I have found that people throw away, give away, trade, sell off, auction and donate more boxes, piles, truckloads, and pallets of the stuff that fascinates me! There is not enough room to store it. I cannot, by myself evens sell it fast enough to make room for more.

What we are going to do here is share stories, secrets, tips, ideas, and see if we can make sense of all the world has to offer to those who like to find and collect and study… things!

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