I Buy Stuff at Auctions!

I like certain types of auctions. I really like silent auctions. We have a local company that holds occasional warehouse auctions this way. They might even have over 1000 lots! You would think that a thousand lots would be too much to see, but it’s not. The human mind is conditioned to be aware of everything in it’s immediate surroundings. Humans have used this forever. Early times it was a way of sustaining and protecting life. A human can walk into the forest, and subconsciously see all of the tools, and resources that are available nearby. This was used to find immediate defense, and protection. It’s the way to find food. It’s the way soldiers can fight to stay alive. You will see in some movies, how the hero spots a way out, or discovers a weapon in a split second, as they zoom in on it. So whether its in a forest, or in a war, or in an urban environment, or out picking, it works. When I am searching for likely items at these auctions, I go in with an unwritten list in my head. I am constantly adding new wants. My experiences give me tools. I see potential profits as I walk around, and I find items to buy, and then sell. It works the same with every estate sale or yard sale, etc. I will find my stuff, you will find your stuff. Most of the time it will be completely different. I think I am the one who is lucky, or smart, or blessed. You will think those same thoughts as you pick up your different pieces.

Live auctions can be great too. The problem is, unless you are very disciplined, you can pay too much in a split second. You can end up with a terrible case of buyers regret. On the other hand, you might go away with an amazing deal everyone else missed. Sometimes auctioneers will let a few at first go really fast and cheap to get everyone excited. Any way, I do like auctions. Great fun.

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