Antique secrets: Your Shopping List

Create an antique picker’s shopping list.

Here’s one of our favorite secrets: Write down your goals! Make a list of all the things you hope you will find as you are out picking. Once you have wants that are written, something magical happens in your subconscious. Your eyes and ears are programmed and piqued.

For example, I needed a box stapler, to assemble boxes for shipping products on ebay. The stapler is one of those big units with handles that you crunch a large copper colored staple to fasten heavy cardboard. I tried a few fastener places, and asked if they had a used one, because I was not about to pay $200 for a new one. I put it on my “shopping list” I was out and about one day, and actually had a load of stuff I was shipping UPS (The reason I needed a stapler!). I saw a pawn shop. I usually do not go int pawn shops regularly. I do enjoy the show: “Pawn Stars” however! In the back of my mind, I thought, “they usually¬†carry all sorts of tools” Let’s see what they might have. I walked in and because I had it on my list, and knew exactly what it looked like, within five minutes, I found my box stapler! It was $59.00. When talking about the stapler to the pawn shop owner, he said it was the only one he had ever seen. He said if I wanted it, I could have it for $10.00! “Oh, OK, sure!”

Five Minutes, $10.00, better than what I wanted. Put ANYTHING you want on your written shopping list!

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3 Responses to Antique secrets: Your Shopping List

  1. JP says:

    I really appreciate this blog. I have learned a lot of good tips that will help me when I am out picking for antiques and collectibles. I am going to buy one of your books!

  2. ALS says:

    This is related to the blog topic, yet a little unrelated, lol. Putting dreams and wishes, ideas and desires down on paper is a great thing to do. Case in point: a little over 12 years ago, I was ready to find ‘THE One’, get married, all that. So, I made a list of all the traits that I would love for my future husband to exhibit, everything from things like ‘must be funny’, ‘must love animals’, to ‘would like him to have dark hair and blue eyes’. I didn’t share it with anyone, just kept it hidden away somewhere.

    Well, to make a long story short, my brown haired/blue-eyed husband and I are happily raising our daughter, 3 dogs and one guinea pig, as we prepare to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary this month. In fact, this weekend marks 12 years since we met! He exhibited roughly 90% (at least) of the traits I had committed to paper.

    Put what you’d like to achieve in the future, out for the universe to fulfill-it can’t hurt……;-)

  3. Bob G says:

    After entering this lifestyle as noted in your previous posts, paying full value for anything is very difficult. As an avid outdoorsman, I used to buy fishing equipment all the time brand spanking new, which isn’t cheap. One day it occurred to me hey, I’ll do a similar thing (create a want list and wait for “steal” deals). Sure enough I haven’t paid more than 30-40% of retail for mostly new or almost unused equipment since. Same concept applies to any hobby and is a great way to save cash. Far too many people out there today have no concept of smart shopping and fail to enjoy a better lifstyle due to such.

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