Hello Future Millionaires!

A few years ago, way before American Pickers, before Pawn Stars, and even before Antiques Roadshow, I saw a special on TV about millionaires. There seemed to be a common thread among many of the millionaires they interviewed. They were millionaires, not because they were lucky. They worked hard, and they were FRUGAL and THRIFTY! Before they were millionaires, they lived like they were rich, because they had stuff like the rich, but did not pay a rich man’s price for it. They would buy second-hand. They would buy items on sale. They looked for closeouts, and had great stuff they paid very little for. When you are living in the world of pickers, you are a millionaire in embryo. You find valuable items you pay very little for. Pickers enjoy finding things to resell and pickers find great deals on things they use, have, keep, and consume. WARNING! It will sort of change you and ruin you and destroy you in a way. You will discover that you will have a very difficult time paying retail or list price for anything, ever again. I actually get kind of nauseous thinking I need to go to a regular store and buy anything that is especially expensive. I usually always shop three or four places, like I am some sort of purchasing agent, looking for the rock bottom price on something.

Back to our millionaire comparison. If you want to be a millionaire all you need to do is spend $500,000 on items, at half price. Or, only $250,000 on items that are 75% off. Or, a hundred grand on “ten cents on the dollar” products.

Picking for a profit is just the half of it. Picking for items for yourself and your family at a deep discount can be much better than asking for, and getting a raise at work. You will improve your lifestyle, and lift your standard of living. You can stretch and increase the value of your dollars. So much of the news is loaded with the decreasing value of the dollar. Here is a way to reverse that. Buying for pennies on the dollar, is better than Wall Street!

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